Magnolia Montessori School enrolls children in the following age groups:
2 months to 24 months
24 months to 36 months
3 years to 6 years
6 years to 12 years ( before and after school care)
Each classroom has children from age 2   through 6. With mixed age grouping each child can seek out her own level of development, learn from those who have advanced further, and help those who are behind him/her.
The structure of the class involves the use of specific equipment with which the child works individually. At each sequential step of learning, these materials are designed to test understanding and correct errors. The child can take a learning step as she is ready without being pushed or without the feeling of failure. The classroom is divided into four main areas:
Practical Life – Deals with the care of self and care of environment.                          
Language – Teaches the early step to reading and writing and spelling skills.              
Math – Deals with children’s math skills using concrete materials to understand and absorb math concepts easily.                      
Sensorial – Enhances and educates the five senses

We accept all children.

And there is no interviewing process for the child.
Our approach is to provide a warm, nurturing environment where children’s feelings come first.
To enroll your child please download and submit an application from our Forms page on our website. We accept children from the following programs:

California Department of Education
Children's Home Society of California
Quality Start OC Child Care Payment Assistance Resources