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Every Child Deserves a Second Chance


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Magnolia Montessori School shares the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori who believed in providing the children with an environment rich in opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally, and socially. Having a great desire to learn and explore the environment, the child becomes, to a large extent, her own teacher.
Children bring great enthusiasm and concentration to each activity they do. Magnolia Montessori School understands that children do not learn through abstractions, as adults do, but learn by touching, tasting, and feeling everything they can. We support this learning process with a series of activities, graduated in difficulty. This approach leads each child to greater and greater success.
The purpose of Montessori education at Magnolia Montessori School  is to aid children in their own natural development, which includes physical, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary for becoming an effective contributing member of society. Before making an intelligent choice about what they are to do with their lives and how to succeed in our culture, children need to know how culture evolves. This learning is achieved in a joyful process that reflects the pleasure of learning.
it'sIndependence - Children will learn to work by themselves without constant adult supervision. Everyday functions like fastening clothes and shoe tying are accomplished. Concentration - Your child's attention span will develop, fostering good study habits. Coordination - Exercises that strengthen your child's hand for writing and train the eye for reading are provided. Order - The environment is based on order. Order leads to logical thinking for future math concepts, problem solving, and decision making. Socialization - A natural environment encouraging children to meet, interact, and make friends. Academic Growth - Your child is encouraged to learn to read, write, and form math concepts. Emotional Stability - Your child will develop a positive self-concept and view of education. Self-Control - Children develop inner discipline and become responsible for their own a clear

Our School Goals


Magnolia Montessori School enrolls children in the following age groups:
2 months to 24 months
24 months to 36 months
3 years to 6 years
6 years to 12 years ( before and after school care)
Each classroom has children from age 2   through 6. With mixed age grouping each child can seek out her own level of development, learn from those who have advanced further, and help those who are behind him/her.
The structure of the class involves the use of specific equipment with which the child works individually. At each sequential step of learning, these materials are designed to test understanding and correct errors. The child can take a learning step as she is ready without being pushed or without the feeling of failure. The classroom is divided into four main areas:
Practical Life – Deals with the care of self and care of environment.                          
Language – Teaches the early step to reading and writing and spelling skills.              
Math – Deals with children’s math skills using concrete materials to understand and absorb math concepts easily.                      
Sensorial – Enhances and educates the five senses

We accept all children.

And there is no interviewing process for the child.
Our approach is to provide a warm, nurturing environment where children’s feelings come first.
To enroll your child please download and submit an application from our Forms page on our website. We accept children from the following programs:

California Department of Education
Children's Home Society of California
Quality Start OC Child Care Payment Assistance Resources


Events / Calendar

Enrollment will be taken on a first come, first served basis. You can apply year round. Please contact us for more information on registering.

2019/2020 Calendar

HOLIDAYS OBSERVED. Magnolia Montessori School will observe many of the holidays that the public school system observes. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THESE DATES.



January 20
MondayMartin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
February 17
MondayPresident's Day
May 25
MondayMemorial Day
July 3
FridayIndependence Day
September 3
MondayLabor Day
November 26
Thanksgiving Holiday
November 27
Day After Thanksgiving Holiday
December 24
TuesdayChristmas Holiday
December 25
WednesdayChristmas Holiday
January 1, 2021FridayNew Year's Day



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